About Us

When it comes to the final mile, we go the extra mile.

1st Choice Delivery is a full-service delivery company whose growing footprint currently includes the Midwest and West Coast. From the Fortune 500 to local businesses, we work with life sciences, retail and ecommerce companies to deliver a competitive advantage through our unmatched combination of infrastructure, people and technology.

In a fast and rapidly changing marketplace, we pride ourselves on helping you see around the next corner. And when it comes to your growing demands for greater efficiency and transparency in your transportation function, we always find ways to deliver greater innovation and value.

Bottom line: We make you look like a hero to your customers. Every day.

Multistate Parcel Delivery

LTL Delivery

On Demand Delivery

Inventory Storage

FTL Inventory Repositioning

High Performance
Safety & Security

We go beyond delivering in and around a metro area. We deliver to rural towns, too. We remain committed to accuracy, transparency and getting it right the first time. We don’t just deliver shipments to the right address; we get them right to your end user.

Next day. Same day. Within the hour. 1st Choice delivers your packages on time and on your schedule.

When we ship on your behalf, we represent your business. That’s why our crew is always friendly, reliable and professional. That’s why we provide advanced technology, total transparency and seamless system integration. That’s why we commit to solving problems with one phone call. And that’s why we’re known for finding creative ways to meet even the toughest challenges.

Why We’re Different

We merge superior infrastructure, technology and customer service to move both your product and your business forward.

We constantly challenge the status quo and push the limits of final-mile delivery.

We transform final-mile delivery from a transactional vendor relationship into a full-service partnership based on finding solutions and adding value.

When it comes to technology and regulatory requirements, we help you always see around the next corner

We deliver a unique customer service experience that’s consistent, highly localized and hyper-responsive.

We have the grit and creativity to solve the challenges you face right now, as well as the ones you’ll face five years from now.