1st Choice Delivery gets your products and your business where they need to go.

We deliver a large geographic footprint so you can reduce your number of carriers.

We deliver speed. Because time is money. Period.

We deliver advanced technology without ever losing the human touch.

It’s one thing to know what’s in the truck.

It’s another to know what’s on the line.

Imagine a destination.

Where you no longer need to manage dozens of carriers. Where you’re confident that deliveries will be made on time and for a competitive price. Where problems are solved with one phone call. Where you can come through in the clutch today while meeting the delivery challenges of tomorrow. And where you always look like a hero to your customers.

This place exists. It’s called 1st Choice Delivery

What We Believe

It’s time to shake up the delivery industry.

That starts with delivering every day for our customers.

No exceptions. No shortcuts. No B.S.

But we go one step farther.

We set the standard, raise the bar and push the limits of what delivery can be—for our clients and their clients.

We believe in getting things from Point A to Point B today, while also charting new frontiers for tomorrow.

And always getting there 1st.

Full Service Terminals

High Performance Security & Safety

We’re committed to creating a safe and secure working environment for all workers.

  • Annual criminal background checks
  • Random drug testing
  • Video facility surveillance
  • Encrypted personnel badges
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance

Delivering a Competitive Edge to Our Clients

  • 3,000+ zip code coverage daily
  • Next-day reach across IL, KS, MO, CA
  • 200,000+ sq. ft. warehousing space
  • 140,000+ deliveries weekly
  • 300+ certified drivers
  • Online order and tracking platform
  • Support all industry-standard data exchange formats, including XML, EDI, CSV
  • API connectivity enabled