Next Day Services

If you are a serious shipper in and around California, Missouri, Illinois or Kansas, 1st Choice Delivery’s parcel service can deliver your company to your customers via a reliable, customized delivery solution that just happens to be economical.

Multistate Parcel Delivery

Service to over 3,000 zip codes daily

Customized pick-up schedules with late cut-off times available

Inside delivery to your end user

Pricing by piece, stop or weight (your choice!)

Bar code scanning with item-level tracing available

Electronic signature capture

Internet tracking – by stop and item

Customized reporting

Electronic billing

Time-specific delivery available

Timely reporting of OS&D’s (Over, Short & Damaged)

Full electronic surveillance of all warehouses

LTL Delivery

Set up any delivery of any size on a recurring schedule

Same driver at the same time; day-in, day-out

Custom quotes available